The Dirty Dozen Work From Home Tips

There can be no question that the opportunities to work from home are everywhere. There are options available around every corner.There are a lot of things that need to come together for a business to thrive.A spot to start is with these ” Dirty Dozen” work from home tips.1. Attitude. Most people quit before really giving themselves a chance to learn how to be successful online. There is no getting around the fact that you will have failures and may even ponder quitting.2. You are going to have to become educated on how to work at home and earn money. You will have to become the human sponge dedicating time to learning. The more investment into your education, the stronger your long term prospects will be.3. Be accountable and treat it like a business. There is no boss looking over your shoulder. Your destiny is in your hands. ” If it is to be it’s up to me”. Take the time to structure your day and become disciplined to follow the plan.4. Develop an understanding of what your business will be like in 2 years time and set your goals appropriately. If you aim for mediocrity, you may just find it.5. Make sure your long term plan has strategies that provide for your ultimate time rich lifestyle. Investigate what areas can eventually become outsourced while you concentrate on the business. (Do not get stuck IN the business)6. Avoid trying to re invent the wheel. Watch, study and learn from the people who are already successful. There is no shame in copying what already works.7. Join forums, social sites and networks that are all keen to share information and development techniques. It is a cost free way to grow your business but be smart and allocate your time wisely because your day could be gone before you know it.8. Keep receipts of everything you spend a penny on. Seek sound tax advice and provide every piece of expenditure information you can.9. Finish each day by developing a To Do list for tomorrow. Prioritise your list and do the toughest things first. (The ones you tend to avoid). Your list will help avoid the number one trap called distraction. You are not a web surfer but a work from home entrepreneur!10. Personalise your work area. This is your office so set it up like the perfect working place. Use the furniture you want and make sure all your equipment is not scattered around the house. Distractions equal time and time equals money.11. Set your budget and be disciplined enough to follow it. The temptation to buy success secrets will be enormous so stay true to the numbers. Make sure your budget is of a financial nature and also time orientated.12. Enjoy the freedom. The excuse cupboard is empty and you are the conductor of your own symphony!…. There are a lot worse things to be doing.

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Lighting at Home – Tips to Save on Electricity Bills With the Proper Lighting

One of the most important aspects of our home is proper lighting. Just think about it. Without adequate lighting we couldn’t do pretty much anything. Cleaning, cooking, reading, studying, watching television, even being online are heavily relying on lighting. And I’m not talking about having electricity available, I’m talking about having a proper illumination at home for being able to do most of the things we are doing in winter or during the evening and night.Unfortunately the more we use lighting at home, the more electricity we have to pay, and that is not cheap at all these days. So the only way to save a bit on the electricity costs with lights is by using the proper illumination system that use less electricity.Also depending on where you install your illumination source, it will give you more or less visibility. For example installing a ceiling chandelier will give you more light source than a wall mounted one. Of course using ceiling lights everywhere in the home is not feasible, so around the place where you have installed the lighting, you need to use reflecting colors that will help give out more light and make your room brighter. Another thing you can do is use lighter colored wall paints instead of wall paper in the rooms as these also reflect light much better than paper.Installing mirrors in some rooms is another way to reflect light back. By having an extra mirror in the bedroom for example you achieve sometimes twice the illumination that you’d otherwise get without it.What about direct sunlight? If you have windows with direct sunlight in the room, don’t put heavy curtains and drapes on it. Allow the sunlight to enter the room, as this will save on additional electricity costs and you will benefit from direct light as long as there is not dark outside yet.